Abandoned times

Front cover
Front cover inside
Back cover
Time will pronounce
Streets of the downtown
Rush hours
He knows
by the way
In the hope of tomorrow
The end of the day
Trip to nowhere

Abandoned Times

It was my return to the piano. We’ve been separated for quite a long time; I’ve completely lost my interest in this instrument. It was a long way down. You know when somebody keeps telling you that you are only a stranger here and disappointed in you, not to mention you are absolutely talentless, at the end you start to believe you are a complete idiot. I am really regretted I could have been misled. This is a very dangerous progression because you don’t know where the end is. It’s weird when a pianist says something like this but at the end I felt sick of that hammering sound. Still in the deep I felt there’s much more for us and I was right. I’ve recorded everything on my upright piano on ‘Abandoned Times’. This old instruments represents the beginning and I needed so much to get back to the roots. I’ve spent long hours over long years at this wooden box to figure out tricks how to move my fingers as fast as I can. There were only a few times when MUSIC came to the foreground. I always wanted to deal with MUSIC but most of the time I have been blocked by those who were amused by speed. I needed to unlock myself from the image that I can only be a good pianist if I can play hundreds of notes in a minute. I’m rather searching for MUSIC. Technique is only a factor you should acquire and keep in mind but the most of the composers write MUSIC because they want to tell something from heart and soul. They use this language instead of words. So I went behind the veils and started to discover everything from the beginning. While I did this I started to write this album at my upright. After the tumultuous period of recording my first album I was under its tension. I knew that something different has to come so I played this upright for hours and hours till I was almost hypnotized by the sound itself. These far away sounds started to revive again and in no time the songs for the new album have been in my head. It was a kind of freedom that opened new prospects. I aspired to create crystal clear chamber music on the ‘foreigner’, on this album I started to deal with this fantastic puzzle game of engaging synthetic and natural sounds. This research to match a sound with another gives endless possibilities for getting the best sound shape I want for a song. It was all new to me. I must confide I can’t be the musician I am now without my first two albums.

  • Composed by: Frank Sharman
  • Lyrics by: Frank Sharman
  • Completed on: 2004

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