Secret Room

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Secret Room

Notes on Public Release

I enter this room every day. Some days it's hard to get through the mass. This is the room where I live out my dreams, hopes and fears. No one knows this room as much as I do. This place knows too much I think. If one could ask this room I really don't know what would happen. By the way, this is a real place, I write and produce my albums here. Imagine a room with the size of 3.5x2 meters, full of instruments, a desk, shelves, drawers, scores. Full of invisible thoughts, memories, they are all around me every day. Like muted sculptures they are listening and watching. When one of them comes to me and speaks, then I know I have to be ready to move my hands over the keys of the piano. They remind me of what I should do or forget or keep in mind. The problem is they know too much, and this is not the best thing in the world as we all know. I've had to learn to live together with these creatures of mine and it wasn't an easy process. In this one and a half year I understood that I really can't change anything I've done in the past. The aftermath is not necessarily immediate. It has its own wavelength and when the job is done, it goes and reaches me out. The different timing of appearing and disappearing kept me lingering on what I'd rather forget. It was a continuous and almost never ending sorting through these piled up boxes which have been blocked the view. With releasing this album I'm also releasing all these friends and enemies. It was time. Now my room is empty and not secret anymore.

  • Composed by: Frank Sharman
  • Lyrics by: Frank Sharman
  • Completed on: 2008

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